Please see below for information on the treatments and approaches we offer at Osteopathy On Animals.

Consultation Procedure

Consultation of an animal will only occur with confirmation of veterinarian agreement, to the consultation and treatment by our osteopathic team.

A full case history is taken, and any prior history, investigations and treatment are discussed, so these can be taken into consideration. This will be additionally informed by relevant information provided by the referring veterinarian.

Next, if clinically appropriate, an examination will take place, which will involve the evaluation of the animals structure and function, along with some specific investigations being performed, allowing us to look at the presenting problem in more detail.

The owner may then be asked to assist the animal to perform simple motions, to help us gain information and understand the confirmation and motion pattern, to interpret this in regards to the presenting complaint.

If required, at this point, additional examination, and questioning will then take place.

If treatment is not required, or appropriate, this will be discussed. However, if suitable, an osteopathic diagnosis will then be discussed, and if appropriate and necessary at this point, treatment will begin.

After treatment, the service continues with the provision of guidance for aftercare.

During this process and any subsequent consultations, it is recommended that another adult individual is present at the premises, along with the owner, to act as a supportive chaperone, if required.

After consultation, a full case report of findings and actions will be provided to the referring veterinarian.

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