Rates for Osteopathic Consultation and Treatment, and If necessary additional Treatment, are priced at transparent set rates;

Yard Visit for a Singular Animal:

Consultation, and / or, Osteopathic Treatment £65

Yard Visit for Multiple Animals:

Consultation Only (where Treatment is not suitable, or needed for the Animal) £35
Consultation and Osteopathic Treatment £65

(Prices correct as of February 2021, Subject to change)

Payment can be made direct On Appointment, by Card, Cash, Cheque.

Receipts can be provided on request

Owners are required to settle all fees on the day of examination or treatment. Owners can often reclaim costs of Osteopathic Care. Where treatment is covered by an insurance policy, Direct Insurance payment is not accepted. It is the responsibility of the owner, to settle fees, and to reclaim fees directly from the insurance company / provider. It is important to be aware, that it is the owner’s responsibility to contact their insurance provider prior to Osteopathic Consultation to establish whether Osteopathy is covered, and ensure that the terms of their contract of policy with the insurer are not infringed, what conditions apply to the policy, and that cover is appropriate.

Rates are set irrespective of Animal Species, or Breed, unless additional costs are incurred to perform the consultation, due to the nature and conditions of the Animal

Failure to provide a completed Copy of Owner Consent, in company with a completed section of Veterinary surgeons Approval of Osteopathic treatment, for each Course of Osteopathic Care, will result in no examination or treatment being provided, while a full Consultation fee and any necessary additional charges, will still be charged.

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