Philosophical vision

Osteopathy is an independent system that can be applied to all conditions of dis-ease, yet can be incorporated alongside ‘traditional’ procedures and treatments.

  • The Animals body is a whole, and functions as such
  • Structure and function may be reciprocally interrelated, i.e. one affects the other
  • The Animals body has a self protecting and regulating mechanism, that has a tendency towards the normal
  • Movement of body fluids is essential to maintain health
  • When normal adaptability is disrupted, or when environmental changes overcome the Animal body’s capacity for self-maintenance, disease may follow
  • There are structural components to disease and these are not always manifestations of the disease, but are factors in the development and maintenance of the dis-ease state.

Osteopathy is based on these key theories, integrated together to aid an Animals structural performance and bodily functions, ensuring their continued healthy function.

Please note, Osteopathic Care does not replace Veterinarian Care, and a Veterinarian must provide agreement for an Animal to be treated by our Osteopathic Team.

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