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The yard visit service takes away all the difficulties of attending a clinic for treatment, while still experiencing the same level of professional osteopathic service received if attending a clinic.

Visiting area Covered by Our Osteopaths

This yard visit, on-site, dedicated and professional animal osteopathic health care service is offered anywhere within an accessible radius of Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire, unless alternate yard location, on pre-arranged dates, is set by prior discussion and special circumstances assist this.

For assistance in determining what distance you are from the covered area, or if this service can assist you, please contact our dedicated team.

Common reasons Owners use the Yard Visit Service

  • The owner wants to use our team for their animals osteopathic care
  • A veterinarian has specifically recommended our animal osteopathic service
  • The owner wishes to incorporate our service as part of their animals health care programme
  • The animal is in too much pain to move and travel to clinic
  • The animal feels more at ease being treated in a familiar environment
  • The owner wishes to eliminate the difficulties involved in preparing for and attending a clinic
  • The owner cannot obtain suitable transport of the animal to attend a clinic
  • The owner is immobile, or, homebound

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